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Who is Kari March? Well, most days I don't even know who I am so bare with me while I try to explain myself. I'm so many things I tend to lose track. A mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, photographer, designer, blogger, bookkeeper, marketing specialist....the list goes on and on. I live in Aurora, Colorado with my supportive husband and two rambunctious children. 

When I'm not designing, photographing, playing referee, or doing house work, you'll find me with a book in my hand and a glass of wine, Starbucks or gummy bears in the other. I love summertime and everything that goes along with it - camping, swimming, hiking. Colorado has so much to offer and I take advantage of that whenever I can. 

Traveling has become another passion of mine. Disneyland is a current favorite among our family. I love feeling and acting like a child when I'm there. It's the happiest place on earth. 

I've met so many incredible people in all of my endeavors and as crazy as my life may be, I can't imagine doing anything else. Here's to the future and what it holds. 

Kari March

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